Invest in Solar

Its easy and you can enjoy guaranteed* returns of 25% or more every year for 25 years.

* Terms and Conditions apply. See your Design Report for details

The Best Price? - You bet

You decide what you want to spend. We’ll work with your budget.

Hassle? - None

Sit back, relax. We’ll take care of it.

Guaranteed Savings? - Check

The best return on your investment.

How does it work

An investment in solar is an investment in your power security, financial freedom, and cleaner air. In short we are investing in our selves. The cost of solar has come down tremendously in the last ten years, so much so that annual financial returns of 25% (or more) are possible. That means for every 10000 rupees invested, you will get back 2500 (or more) every year for 25 years, guaranteed!

Invest in solar

You decide how much you’d like to invest and we generate a personalized plan for you, show you what your return would be. If you like it, we will install a solar plant on the roof of your house. Determine your return now. Click here.

Get Free Electricity

That solar plant on the roof means free electricity for 25 years! And there are no hassles because we take care of all the hassles, and ensure that your plant generates the best return for you. See how solar works.

Count the savings

Every year you save money because your solar plant provides free electricity. As the price of electricity goes up and people pay more and more, your’s remains zero, saving you even more. We ensure the savings continue to add up, and your plant is healthy, through our monitoring service.

About Us

Our Story

In April of 2015, we installed our first solar plant. We had moved from the US two months back, wanted 24/7 electricity, disliked diesel, and believed in solar. So we went looking for someone who could install our plant ... read more here

Our Mission

At SolLink our mission is to make solar simple and affordable for all. Our guiding principles are: Simplicity - make solar simple, to understand and get. Transparency - exactly what you are buying and how much you are paying for it; and, Cost-effective Solutions - more savings, for less money.

Our Team

At SolLink we are a team focussed on delivering the best solar solution for You. At our core, we are an engineering organization, with expertise in solar, electronics and algorithms. We are lead by Kartik Nanda, a graduate of IIT Kanpur (BTech EE) ... read more here

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